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imjustso's Journal

a memoir of no one in particular
Mostly friends only. Not that I am so interesting, just paranoid.

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alpha and omega, angel, animals, anxiety, as time goes by, baths, being alone, being amused, being comfortable, being lazy, being obsessive, being right, berating myself, bipolar disorder, bitching unnecessarily, bones, bran cornick, brennan/booth, bruxism, cats, changelings, charla, charles cornick, coffee, correcting grammar, cozy, crafting, crochet, dexter, dictionary, dining out, documentaries, elsewhere, essential oils, etsy, facebook, fantasy, folklore, folktales, food, food addiction, forgetting, free, free stuff, getting packages, ghost hunters international, google, grammar, hair, headaches, history's mysteries, hulu, ice blue, icons, imagining, imbolc, in plain sight, internet, ips, japanese food, jaw pain, kitty norville, knifty knitter, knitting for charity, laptop, loom knitting, macbook, mad men, mercy thompson, milk chocolate, monogamy, my house, my mac, mythology, nalini singh, naps, neck pain, not cleaning, obsessing, online, online shopping, pajamas, paperback swap, paranormal fiction, paranormal state, past lives, patricia briggs, pbs, pollyanna, procrastinating, procrastination, psy-changeling series, punctuation, purple, pyjamas, quiet, quotations, quotes, rainy days, reading, reincarnation, relaxation, romantic comedies, sarcasm, saving money, seafood, shape shifters, shopping online, skin care, skinwalkers, sleep, sleeping, slumber, snuggling, spelling, spinning, st. bridget's cross, staying home, sushi, tabbies, tea, the hollow, the vicar of dibley, thomasina, time travel, tmj, werewolves, what-if, whine, whining, white noise, why, world of the marrok, wrapping presents, yarn